818Publishing, LLC

818Publishing, LLC


For those wishing to get published, we are currently looking material on subjects...

1) Most importantly, we are looking for fiction and stories revolving around the principles of The Book of King's. Show us how the main character of the story accomplishes his goals or prevails by utilizing the Book of King's principles. 

We are looking for the same with La'Couria Life: The Tribal Way. Or Thee Documents. You may also create a fictional story about La'Couria as well.

2) Ife divination. 

3) Detailed life of Orishas.  For example,  you can write an in depth story (fiction or nonfiction) about the Orisha Shango or Orgun. You may do the same for any of the other Orishas as well.

4) Urban novels that show how to apply the 48 Laws of Power,  Art of War or the principles in the Book of Kings. Other than the implementation of these principles, we are not looking for common urban novel's.