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 We are here to support Mr La'Cour's dream and convert his vision into reality. His goal is to build a kingdom and that's what we are here to help him do. We are currently helping him sell a great piece of literature known as the Book of Kings: Volume 1- Emperor's Notebook. This is the first of many books and products to come.

This is just the beginning.

Book of Kings: Volume 1- Emperor's Notebook

Book of Kings: Volume 1- Emperor's Notebook
Book of Kings: Volume 1- Emperor's Notebook
Book of Kings:Emperor's Notebook

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Book of Kings: Emperor's Notebook Volume1 is a composed work of the authors notes, ideas and theories on psychological sovereignty, self rule, and building power with your family.

"Family is the seat of Power. Just ask the 13 families that rule America."


Think of it as Machiavelli with a soul. This book is for those who wish to have an ambitious plan for wealth without compromising their integrity or losing their way. His language and form of delivery is audacious and captivating! With a perfect blend of impressive intellect and urban suavity.

This book appeals to thugs that want to out grow thuggery and the undertrodden that wish to become wealthy. But also a manual for those that are already Kings and Queens so want to further aggrandize their kingdom. And the books language reflects such.

Mr La'Cour is the bridge between the low and the high, the ghetto and the elite. Or you can look at him as a translator between the two languages of the rich and poor tongue.

"I try to use a repetitive language that will get us into the habit of thinking, speaking and behaving like royalty. Until you become royalty!